The Face Shop Sheet Mask Review

IMG_6067I have a huge obsession on sheet masks. I don’t know if it’s because of the instant glow after you put on a sheet mask or if it’s because of that refreshing and relaxing feeling when you are using them. I have been using the Face Shop Sheet Masks for a couple months now mainly because I buy them in bulk and it’s cheap. I have two problems about it. One, it does not fit my face perfectly well. I think that the mask is too big for my face. I don’t have this problem with other masks I tried like the Etude House ones. The second problem is that it’s not as drenched in essence as I would like it to be. I know some people don’t like the slimy texture when they put on their sheet masks but I do. I like the feeling that my face is being very hydrated and moisturized in the process. I am also the type of person who, sometimes, leave on the mask longer than the designated time period. This is another reason why I like a slimy sheet mask because it dries slower.

*The featured picture is the lemon one from the Face Shop Sheet Masks. It has a strong citrus smell which I dislike.

*I get mine from Amazon. 15 pieces for around $14

Honestly, Amazon Prime is probably like the best thing that has ever happened to me. This is completely unrelated I know.


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