Hi fellow skin care addicts! My name is Christine and I have had acne for quite awhile already. I have had it since sixth grade in middle school and I’m currently in my sophomore year of high school. I, obviously, looked to many products and tried many different things, hoping to find that one miracle product that would help me get rid of my acne forever. In this process, I was introduced to Korean skin care and I am so grateful I was because it honestly has changed my perspective on battling acne. Although I haven’t gotten rid of my acne forever, my acne has improved so much thanks to my skin care routine. I would love to share my experience with everyone and I hope that this, in turn, helps you guys as well.

*My skin type changes depending on the season. I have sensitive and acne-prone skin all year round unfortunately. In the warmer months, I have an oily T-zone and dry cheeks. However, recently (it’s winter in New York), my whole face is dry. However, my forehead is slightly drier than my cheeks.

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